Men’s Health Month

During the month of June, there is an increased focus on men’s health to raise awareness about preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Often, men neglect their health and ignore warning signs, possibly due to fear of stigmatisation or financial and time restrictions. The awareness created during Men’s Health Month helps to break down the barriers that prevent men from prioritising their health. This further leads to a heightened awareness of preventable health problems and encourages early detection and treatment of diseases including cancer, heart disease, and depression.

It is crucial that men manage their health and well-being, with regular visits to the doctor and by taking advantage of prevention and screening benefits because most costs are covered by medical aids. Some of the screening benefits include tests for blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, PSA prostate screening, and HIV. These tests could be paid from the Screening and Prevention Benefit or Prescribed Minimum Benefit.

Besides preventative screening, men are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by harnessing the benefits of rewards programs that are supported by and aligned with various medical aid options. Following an exercise regime, is made easier with discounts to join a fitness gym while healthy eating is encouraged through rewards and discounts from partnering retail outlets.

To start the journey of healthy living, there are 5 basic areas to focus on. These include making healthy food choices, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, going for annual check-ups and screenings, alongside managing stress and mental health. Ask a Glopin Healthcare consultant for a great medical aid plan that can help guide you on a path of health and wellness.