The team at Glopin Healthcare Consultants pride ourselves in taking the time to interact with every potential new client, and that allows us to offer comprehensive advice and guidance in selecting a medical scheme that is the best option for the individual or group healthcare needs and budget.

We focus on a service that allows Glopin Healthcare Consultants to provide South Africans with affordable and reliable cover and the management thereof. With direct access to major medical aid schemes and their systems, this allows us to guide, educate and protect our clients in an independent and unbiased analysis of each medical aid to inform wise healthcare choices.

Glopin Healthcare Consultants provides a seamless transition between changing medical cover plans, the management of plans and the highest quality query resolution. In addition, Glopin Healthcare Consultants pride themselves on providing continuous advice and support services relating to medical scheme queries to assure individuals and groups that we value your health and wellbeing.