Established in 2000 – With more than 19 years’ experience in medical aid consulting, Glopin Healthcare Consultants provides its members with a solid foundation and partner in finding the best medical care solution for you.

At Glopin Health Consultants, we make a concerted effort in understanding the complexities of the medical insurance industry that aids us to provide guidance and support to our clients with the purpose of alleviating frustrations and challenges between members and their healthcare insurance provider.

Glopin Healthcare Consultants is committed to service excellence, adherence to industry requirements and showcasing respect by providing fair and equal treatment to all industry role players and clients. The principles and philosophies that reflect in Glopin Health Consultants’ sound ethical practice are motivated by diversity, education, and training as well as compliance.

Principles & Values


South Africa is a beautifully diverse country and therefore to provide a successful medical aid broker service, Glopin Healthcare Consultants have moulded the business model to that which reflects the positive attributes of our nation. To find the cover that is value for money and covers the client’s needs, it is about understanding, respecting and appreciating what makes them individuals different and empowering them with the knowledge to make the best decisions about their healthcare options.

Education and Training

Choosing the correct medical scheme can be a daunting experience in a rapidly evolving industry. Glopin Healthcare Consultants offer highly skilled professionals specifically trained to guide you on the path to a better understanding of your medical scheme benefits and range of cover. Glopin Healthcare Consultants is founded on the principals that promote education & training not only within our team but throughout our client base as well. An informed member is a happy member.


Glopin Healthcare Consultants is registered with the Council for Medical Schemes (ORG726) and licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA12641). The dedication to provide information and advice that is accurate, fair and in the member’s best interest is unwavering.