Glopin Healthcare Consultants has partnered with most major medical aid schemes and has access to their systems which allows us to guide, educate and protect our clients in an independent and unbiased analysis of each medical aid to inform wise healthcare choices.

Navigating the medical scheme world is daunting and members need independent and knowledgeable advice that can be provided by our highly skilled team.

Below is a list of the medical schemes who offer a wide range of benefits that Glopin Healthcare Consultants has partnered with in an effort to source the best benefits to service your needs.


Keyhealth Medical Aid Scheme is medical aid scheme offering a wide range of products in local government and the private sector.


Bonitas have a wide range of medical aid plans to suit South Africans from all walks of life - including traditional, savings and hospital plans.


Through embracing your diversity Medihelp has developed a range of medical aid plans for different life stages and budgets.


The most successful medical aid scheme in South Africa, Discovery offers plans well suited to most young members.

LA Health

LA Health Medical Scheme has been operating in the Local Government industry for more than 40 years. The Scheme is accredited by the South African Local Government Bargaining Council to provide medical scheme cover to persons working for Local Government.


Your peace of mind is our priority, because when your medical scheme does not pay your private healthcare fees in full, your trusted Gap Cover Provider will.


Fedhealth puts more choice, flexibility and control in your hands with a range of affordable medical aid options that let you create-your-aid


Sizwe Medical Funds offer a wide range of medical products to suit every life stage. From hospital cover, network, right up to premium medical products. They pride themselves on having over 40 years' experience in caring for the health of the nation.


Medshield Medical Aid Schemes puts you in control of your health with an all-inclusive range of day-to-day and in-hospital benefits. They provide a variety of options that offers affordably priced benefits.

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