Medical Aid Options for Young Adults

Young adults do not necessarily prioritise their health or understand the importance of having quality medical cover. However, being young does not mean you are not susceptible to various illnesses or might require emergency hospitalisation. 

A small monthly investment can give you peace of mind to live life to the full, knowing you are covered for unforeseen emergencies or illness. The perception of medical aid not being a viable option for young people due to affordability, should not be a deterrent. There are many entry-level medical aid plans suitable for young adults or persons just starting out in the job market.

Income-based options normally provide a wide range of cover as well as hospitalisation benefits within a designated network of service providers. Many healthcare policies are tailored according to the individual’s needs and financial abilities, making this a perfect solution for young professionals.

There are bonus factors for joining a medical aid while you are young. Should you have been without medical aid for most of your life, and join after the age of 35, you could be subject to a late joiner’s penalty. In addition to joining a medical aid while you are young and healthy, it could assist you to not be subject to the three month waiting period, subject to the scheme approval.

The sooner you join a medical aid, the better. Contact a Glopin Healthcare consultant who is trained to recommend the most appropriate medical aid product based on your individual needs and available budget.