World Heart Rhythm Week

The purpose of World Heart Rhythm Week which takes place from the 1st-7th June is to raise awareness around heart rhythm disorders or arrhythmias. An arrhythmia is a complication as a result of an irregular rate or rhythm of your heartbeat. This could be when your heart beats too slow or too fast in comparison to the required heart rate of 60 – 100 beats per minute.

There are many instances where arrhythmias can be harmless, however, they could also be fatal and therefore it is essential to consult a doctor for a clear diagnosis. Causes of arrhythmias include disease of the heart muscle, coronary arteries or valves, damage from a heart attack, high blood pressure, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and stress.

The treatments used for arrhythmias depend on the type and gravity of the condition once diagnosed. For less severe cases, daily medication can help to manage the condition, while life-threatening situations might require surgery. It is important to have a comprehensive medical aid plan that could help you manage the condition should you be diagnosed with arrhythmia or cover hospitalisation costs, in instances where surgery is needed.

Cardiac arrhythmia which is diagnosed as life-threatening is listed as one of the conditions that qualify for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). If a condition is on the list, it should result in the requirement of South African medical aids to cover the cost of diagnosis, treatment, and continuous management of the condition in cases diagnosed as life-threatening. Some types of heart rhythm disorders fall within the scope of the chronic diseases list, and this would allow you to claim the costs of the medication needed to manage the disease from the benefit of the chronic medications.

Although it is compulsory for medical aid schemes to cover costs of over 270 items on the Prescribed Minimum Benefits list, emergencies, and over 25 chronic conditions on the Chronic Disease list, many of them will apply terms and conditions. These conditions could range from using designated or registered networked service providers or medications on formularies, or medicine lists that they have approved.

Speak to a Glopin Healthcare Consultant to ensure that you and your family qualify for the best medical care, with fewer limitations and restrictions. Heart Health is important, so take advantage of your screening and wellness benefits that are included in your medical aid plan.