What is Gap Cover?

Here at Glopin Healthcare Consultants, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and therefore medical savings run a high risk of being depleted before the end of the year arrives. For this reason, we have partnered with various service providers such as Stratum to source the best gap cover options.

The purpose of gap cover is to cover the risk of costly shortfalls when dependents are admitted to hospital or undergo certain out of hospital treatments. Gap cover has the potential to cover the unforeseen costs occurred after visiting specialists, GP’s and a host of medical professionals.

We have made sure that our consultants are trained and advised on the latest offerings to be in a position to give members the most accurate information available. Consultants endeavour to assist you and your family to make informed decisions when faced with healthcare choices. There are a variety of Gap cover plans available and your broker will offer you a free consultation to evaluate which options best suit your needs and budget.

Alongside unforeseen circumstances, healthcare costs are on the rise and therefore investing a small monthly amount towards GAP cover is highly recommended to protect you and your family against medical shortfalls.