Updated Medical Benefit and Price Plans for 2022

Most major South African medical aid schemes have announced the annual cost increases for medical aid premiums and changes to benefits structures to be effective from January 2022. The ideal time to review your existing medical cover and compare costs and benefits with competitive medical aid options is now, before the new year’s medical aid plan commences.

There is no doubt that the Covid pandemic has highlighted the necessity of having comprehensive medical cover to protect you and your loved ones in uncertain times. The pandemic has also created economic instability and uncertainty if or how a possible fourth and fifth wave could impact future claims, making medical aid schemes cognisant to remain financially stable to protect their members.

Medical schemes also need to make provisions to support members who suffer from “long Covid”. Long Covid is a term used by doctors to describe long-term complications in Covid-19 survivors who could suffer from organ damage and the development of chronic diseases who will then need ongoing medical treatment.

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has recommended that medical schemes contribution increases be limited to 4.2% in 2022. Being a recommendation and due to a variety of factors, especially those created by the pandemic, not all schemes will adhere to this recommendation and may implement higher increase rates.

Alongside the cost increases, many medical schemes will also introduce new benefits to add value for members. Remember to be aware of benefits that might be removed, need co-payments, or are only applicable through utilising a network service provider.

Your health should be a priority, so before you make decisions that could affect future medical care, it is essential to consider a host of factors or speak to your medical aid broker, who will prioritise your well-being.

There are no additional costs in having a Glopin Healthcare Consultant broker assist you. Each consultant considers your personal healthcare needs and budget does the research and presents you with the best options, services, and obligation-free quotations.

In the event of changing medical plans, all requests and submissions should be completed by the end of November, allowing ample time for the transition between medical schemes to be successful and be effective from the 1st of January 2022.

Speak to a Glopin Healthcare broker who will not only save you time and money but ensure you get the best medical cover for yourself and your family.