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Take Advantage of Network Service Providers

What are Network Service Providers?

Otherwise known as Designated Service Providers, this is a network of healthcare providers with whom your medical aid has negotiated special rates. Network Service Providers are, in a nutshell, an established list of various contracted medical care providers that work with a specific medical scheme. In the case of Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) treatment, they may also be known as Designated Service Providers (DSPs).

Purpose of Network Service Providers

The main idea behind creating medical Network Service Providers by medical aid schemes is to provide a centralised database of professional and reputable healthcare professionals that offer the most cost-effective care.

By establishing these networks, medical schemes can negotiate with healthcare professionals for better consultation and dispensing rates. Medical schemes can also ensure members receive quality care from healthcare professionals by implementing minimum adherence standards for service providers to abide by before they may be included in the network.

Why use Network Service Providers?

Take advantage of Designated Service Providers to ensure you are given quality care at affordable rates. Your benefits are contractually better at a network provider, and more often than not, by using a Network Service Provider, there will be no shortfalls or additional costs to cover.

By opting to visit a healthcare professional that is not in the network, you will be liable to pay the difference between the cost of your visit and the amount covered by the scheme for that service.

These Designated Service Providers include GPs, specialists, pharmacies, and hospitals. To harness and utilise the full benefits of your medical plan, and to ensure your Medical Savings Account (MSA) lasts longer, it is highly recommended that you utilise Network Service Providers.

How to take advantage of Network Service Providers

Familiarise yourself with your medical aid plan and the Networks and DSPs that apply to your specific plan. Your medical scheme will have a Designated Service Provider network. If you are unsure if your health practitioners are on the network list, contact your medical scheme or a Glopin Healthcare Consultant to supply you with a list.

Members are encouraged to visit contracted service providers on the general practitioner and specialist networks provided by the scheme to take advantage of agreed-upon rates. Glopin Healthcare Consultants continue to value quality care alongside affordability for all members.