Simple Ways to Prioritise Your Health in the New Year

A new year presents the opportunity for a fresh start and the ideal occasion to set goals that prioritise a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. The summer break allows for rest and reflection and then a chance to push the reset button to enter 2021 with revitalised energy to manage your wellbeing.

The past year has highlighted the importance of maintaining one’s health and wellbeing to give yourself better odds to fight against any health scares and emergencies should they arise. Building a strong immune system through healthy diet choices, keeping fit, and obtaining sufficient vitamin D when doing outdoor activities are a few easy habits to adopt.

The trick to staying on track with new year’s resolutions is to set attainable targets. Remember, that small gains are still a win and will contribute to the end goal. Changing a few daily habits will lead to further lifestyle changes that will better your overall health. Make changes fun and exciting that will motivate you and the family to make better choices. Be proud of each milestone reached, and reward yourself.

To further incentivise and inspire you to take ownership of your health, many medical schemes offer lifestyle rewards and benefits programmes. Opt for a medical scheme that that not only takes care of you in crisis but values the fact that prevention is better than cure.

While all schemes differ in the rewards and wellness support offered, they all have the intention to encourage members to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Some schemes offer discounts and rewards for including healthy food choices in your shopping baskets, discounts and points for participating in fitness events as well as discounts when purchasing activewear.

Regular health assessments play a vital role in the early detection of medical conditions and health management and therefore many schemes might offer free health- checks and even reward you for taking advantage of them. Preventative screening could include diabetes and cholesterol screening, mammograms, blood pressure management to name a few.

Ask your Glopin Healthcare Consultant about screenings and lifestyle programmes on offer from medical schemes that could support and reward your wellness journey in 2021.

Easy to start lifestyle goals for 2021

  • Health checks – Take advantage of your preventative screening and health check benefits. Managing your health throughout the year could not only save your life but save you money.
  • Eat well – Change the items in the grocery list, opt for more fresh produce and start eliminating items with high sugar. This will increase energy levels and help with weight loss.
  • Fitness goals – Do something that you will enjoy and that will not cause a conflict in your schedule making it more likely to sustain being active throughout the year. Start with limiting screen time and going on more physical adventures with the family.
  • Quality sleep and rest – ensuring a good night’s sleep and enough rest boosts a healthier and more energised lifestyle. Set sleeping patterns, with less screen time.
  • Practice self-care – Reduce stress and anxiety through allocating time to take care of yourself. Without taking care of yourself your energies and emotions will be depleted before you could nurture those around you.