Hospice Week

According to the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa, Hospice is a movement represented across the globe that believes that every person with a life-threatening condition has the right to quality of life and dignity in death.

‘Hospice week’ also highlights the importance of an effective partnership between family members, carers, service providers, funders, government departments and, other stakeholders as vital to the provision of quality care.

Hospices will use this week to raise awareness through various activities to highlight their essential services, which are provided regardless of the patients’ age, race or ability to pay. Hospice is not about death and dying, but life and living, quality of life. 98% of hospice care is provided in patients homes. Link here to the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa website for further information.

Is the Hospice service covered by medical aids?

There are many illnesses over and above the most commonly known cancer, that call for palliative care measures. To ensure you have access to a palliative care programme should the need arise, contact your medical aid broker to review cover offered by the scheme.

Different medical aid partners could offer support and cover from various benefit packages. For example, Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers a unique and comprehensive basket of palliative care under the “Advanced Illness Benefit” (AIB). This benefit can be accessed once curative treatment has been stopped and you have been enrolled on the Advanced Illness Benefit (AIB), and once clinical and benefit entry criteria have been met.

Many medical aid schemes will have an Advanced Illness Benefit that supports palliative care. The best manner to investigate these options, their limitations and the qualifying criteria would be to speak to your healthcare broker.