Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The symbolic golden ribbon is prevalent during September, known as Childhood Cancer Month, to raise awareness about all types of paediatric cancer. Childhood Cancer Awareness month aims to recognize and support the many children and families who are affected by a cancer diagnosis and raise awareness on the importance of an early diagnosis.

Childhood cancer can contribute to adverse outcomes on the physical and emotional growth and development of children. Simultaneously, parents of child cancer patients carry great amounts of heartbreak watching their children suffer while being stressed about making the best decisions regarding medications and treatment plans.

Glopin Healthcare Consultants would like to help you focus on your child’s wellbeing during periods of illness and therefore want to ensure you have the best medical aid cover that can provide access to treatment in paediatric oncology units.

An early diagnosis can lead to a positive outcome and as a result, the Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC) has a campaign that raises awareness on early detection. They use the St Siluan Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer.