Keyhealth Medical Aid Benefits

“In today’s world, it seems to be the norm for companies to hide behind smoke and mirrors – there’s always a “catch” and a “good deal” that is never quite as good as it seems. Essentially, things just need to be simplified, taken back to the basics and made transparent, so that truth can really shine through.

With transparency at its core, KeyHealth focuses on delivering products devoid of loyalty programmes, bonuses and frivolous add-ons – schemes stripped of misguided fringe benefits, so that what remains is pure Medical Aid.

What you see is what you get. Essentially, it is real value for money as opposed to perceived value for money. It’s Medical Aid without the extras and empty promises. It’s simple. It’s authentic. It’s smart.” – Keyhealth website:

Join Keyhealth

Apply to join Keyhealth today by downloading the applicable Keyhealth application form from our Glopin Website. Glopin is an approved Keyhealth broker. Glopin is Licensed by the Financial Services Board & accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes to provide Intermediary services on Medical Aid and related benefits. Contact one of our offices for assistance in completing your application for membership and for more information on the benefits and services.